Why buy our Solid Mango Wood Line? It's Catalyze Finish!

“Catalyze” refers to an acid additive that makes the finish cure in a more dramatic way. Catalyzed finishes are often referred to as “two-part” finishes because the process involves using two chemicals that react together. Separately, the two elements do nothing by themselves. When mixed together, they change and create a particular chemical reaction called cross linking. Cross-linking is what makes the catalyzed finish the preferred standard of craftsmen and expert wood-workers. Deep down and close up, the molecular structure of a finish appears similar to long strands of spaghetti. The catalyst causes the ends to join together to form even longer chains of inter-connected molecules. These long molecular strands make the finishes harder and more resistant to water and other elements. The resins cross-link upon drying to create a much more durable and moisture-resistant coating than do the non-catalyzed finishes. Because our supplier builds pieces that can last for generations and through all kinds of everyday family use, catalyzed finishes are the preferred choice for most of our collections.