LUXURY BATHROOMS . . . Mediterranean Style
Style and Luxury in Bathroom Decorating

Today's homeowner has a much greater expectation of their master bedroom and bathroom suite. As trends move toward more spacious luxury bathrooms, many homeowners think outside the norm and the bathroom is no longer completely closed to the bedroom.

The master bathroom is emerging as a retreat, reminiscent of a luxury resort. The luxury bathroom and the master bedroom have a more open, more natural flow between them and one feels as though the two rooms have been incorporated in to one large luxury hotel suite.

The master bedroom, complimented by a luxury bathroom, is becoming a centerpiece in the home with design trends ranging from bold and colorful, to simple and serene, to opulent and elegant.

Careful attention is given to the smallest decorating details with the interior design finding top priority for these most personal spaces. From wall decor, to ornate mirrors, to vanities that look like furniture, to large armoires that serve as linen storage, interior design and decorating elements are carefully selected for the master bedroom and luxury bath.