St. Dominigue Buffet  Order
St. Dominigue Buffet Order

St. Dominigue Buffet Order

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Part Number: FNR914-2
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Saint Domingue Buffet - 120 days for production - Not In Stock
Hand Painted Oregon Pine
54" Wide x 18" Deep x 40" Tall
Hand Forged Hardware - Wrought Iron in Doors
Torched Brown Finish

Our Discounted Freight Curbside/Delivery/Fully Insured: $265.00 - This will be charged at check out. 
There will be a $100.00 pallet fee charged at the time of check out. This is not for freight and non refundable if returned. 

In the case that you want to return this purchase: 

We have to have it back within 30 days of the original ship date to you.
We do not pay the shipping fee to or from you. 
There is not a restocking fee. 

There is a fee if the order is canceled or changed in any way after the order is placed of 5%. This is to cover our credit card processing fees we are charged. You are not charged this fee if it is returned.

$2,395.00 less 15% (This discount is valid for today only) 

$   100.00
$   265.00

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