In the dining room, mirrors reflect candlelight and exaggerate chandelier luminescence. When placed atop a serving buffet, a mirror adds sparkle to all objects placed on top of it. A long mirror incorporated into a dining table centerpiece showcases crystal table appointments. Mirrors make a dining experience unique and special. Reflective qualities are most often the homeowner's major concern when it comes to mirrors, but designers use mirrors by placing them in strategic locations throughout a room's design. Designers think beyond hanging a mirror in the bath or in the entry foyer. Mirrors can be used in surprising places in rooms throughout the home. Consider placing a tall floor mirror at the end of a long hallway and in the confines of smaller rooms. A large mirror makes a room or hallway look and feel larger. To highlight sculpture or a treasured urn, strategically place mirrors to reflect the image so that guests see the object when it is not in direct view. A mirror placed behind a floral arrangement or behind collectibles on a display shelf will showcase the objects and give them greater importance in the room's design.

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